High Hat Off Time  
High Hat Innovation
Welcome to one of Gibraltar's newest additions to its custom parts and accessories, the HHOT Hat (HHOT, stands for High Hat Off Time). Take advantage of the 'free' off-time sound created by the return of your high hat, and double the amount of music you create!

HHOT Hat adds new dimension

Gibraltar's HHOT Hat attachment mounts to your existing hi hat stand adding an additional layer of rhythm to your sound. This attachment adds a second set of hi hats to any brand of hi hat stand giving you a “chik sound” on the off beat while keeping time with your hi hat foot. This really fills your sound out for all styles and grooves!

Woodstock Music Trade Show
Check out the HHOT Hat and many other products, vendors, services and musicians at this upcoming World-Class trade show event.
Woodstock Music Trade Show

Steve introduces the HHot Hat to Carter Beauford at the 11/13/2010 Madison Square Garden Show

Steve with Carter Beauford

Andy Doerschuk (Drum Magazine article published May 23, 2012) writes, "One of the special things about the Chicago Drum Show is that you're likely to run into innovative inventors displaying their latest gadget, such as the HHOT Hat (spelling intentional), a little hi-hat add-on that enables a drummer to double the number of chick sounds from the hi-hat pedal without doubling the number of foot strokes. Does everybody need one? Probably not. Is it a cool idea? Definitely!"